Engagement session on the Fox Lot

We are so looking forward to shooting Dana & Todd’s wedding at Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica this November. These two are so sweet, we had the best time with them shooting their engagement session on the Fox Studio Lot! As soon as they told us they both worked for Fox Sports, Nate JUMPED on the idea of shooting on the Lot for their e-pics. Even with getting all the OK’s from all the right people, security stopped us a few times as we roamed around, to make sure we hadn’t just jumped the fence to get in. While we’re always up for a little sneaky “guerrilla” photography, it was fun to tell the guards “Why yes, we ARE allowed to shoot here!”. Nate can now officially say he has worked on every studio lot in town! Here’s a look:

Walking through the New York street set, I happened to see an open door, where I found a cool old diner…

On the streets of “New York”

Hanging out by the Star Wagons

Great little nooks everywhere

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